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Learning Games

i recently came across the grown-up version of the old Milton Bradley broadside game, Ships of the Line: Trafalgar 1805

Axis & Allies, a step above that, everything from WW1 through Vietnam, Cold War scenarios & games. A bit too simple for my taste, but the miniatures are a great touch

learn how to play games

The original from SPI back in the early 70's

Napoleon at Waterloo

Military/DoD games

Combat Engineer Game, more a training tool for individual skills within a platoon, than a wargame.

Logistics Command (produced by Westinghouse, of all companies, in the 60's)

Dunn-Kempf (the entire generation of combat arms officers of the 70's are familiar with this). Had great miniatures to, bulidings, sandtables, or you could use 1/285ths Micro Armor

Long Thrust

can't find anything on this on the 'geek

but in my day was there when we opened one up.

platoon counters/units with everything from Fulda to Frankfurth.

heard rumor of a like minded product with Uijongbu to Seoul too.

Opposite there's a blurb from infantry Mag Jul-Aug '76

Firefight, originally commissioned for Uncle Sucker

The Original Flatbox Coversheet

On the commercial wargame side, plenty of stuff for historical research or trying out pet theories. I was a ground-pounder so i tend to gravitate in that direction.

FIREFIGHT, by SPI, fireteam pieces up to a company(+) per side US vs SOVs. Two maps, with 2 players and an umpire you can have true limited intelligence.

NATO Division Commander, by SPI, real staffwork and 'friction' to paraphrase Clausewitz. Strictly US vs SOVs. Two maps, with 2 players and an umpire you can have true limited intelligence.

If SPI had survived maybe we would have gotten Bundeswehr and BAOR additions. Been working on Bundeswehr values for a while, maybe i'll post them when they seem realistic.

FIRE TEAM, by some SPI survivors in a company called West End Games. This still has a following and additions crop up on the geek all the time. The geek has some Royal Army additions for download

Link to the US Army War College

Strategic Wargaming Series Handbook

Adobe PDF Document

Link to the US Navy War College

On Wargaming exhaustive past, present, & future

Adobe PDF download page

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