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Happy Birthday US ARMY!

A two day celebration.

On 13 JUN in 1775, the Continental Congress established the Continental Army.

On June 14th 1636, on Boston Commons, the forerunners of the Old North and Old South Rifle Regiments, whose colors are today serving as the 1st Bn, 101st Infantry Regiment, 1st Bn, 182nd Infantry Regiment (and 181st which is inactive) and the 101st Combat Engineer Bn, (all Mass Nat’l Guard) mustered for the 1st time. 

The units are rounded out by the 1st Bn, 101st Field Artillery Regiment, 772ndMP Company, and the 125th QM Company.

Massachusetts, where it all began. Of the eight oldest units in the US Army, six of them come from Massachusetts. The other two, 102nd Infantry Regiment & 192ndMP Company, are with the Ct Nat’l Guard.

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