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Vietnam is located in the southeast of Indochinese Peninsula and covers an area of more than 128,000 square miles (the size of Colorado). 

The country has the shape of letter "S" and lies entirely in tropical region, between latitudes 8°27' and 23°23'N, and longitudes 102°8' and 109°27'E.  

Vietnam's climate is typical for the tropics: the weather all around the year is in high temperatures and humidity. 

In particular, Vietnam's climate regions include two main climate regions: the North and the South with the boundary is Hai Van Pass. 

From Quang Tri Province, in the extreme north of South Vietnam, bordering on the DMZ, to The Ca Maw peninsula, at the extreme south in the Gulf of Siam, it is about 800 miles. 

This is comparable to the distance between Aroostock County, Maine, and just short of Washington D.C.

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